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Josip Heit

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Josip Heit (46), successful entrepreneur for more than 28 years. The first company was founded in the 1990s, with which the signatory of this CV specialised in the import leasing of cars and yachts, whereby the potential for further success quickly became apparent and additional business sectors, such as real estate development and luxury real estate services, followed.

-It is worth mentioning that the first companies, "Starac GmbH" and " Starac d.o.o." are still family-owned. Consistency is the top priority. With partners, it was possible to build up a network of workdwide leading agences in luxury tourism.

-In 2008, the market's need for natural raw materials was recognised and the companies "White Rock Ltd" and "White Rock Minerais Ltd" were founded. With the purchase of a factory for the production of callcite fillers and granulates, the company entered the market of the paper and plastics industry. Here, "Gazella Invest" serves as a trader of raw materials and rare metals, which currently deals with investments in future technologies. The parent company, GSB Gold Standard Corporate AG, has a share capital of just under 9 million euros, and other group divisions are affiliated. At the same time, many trademark rights and patents from the technology and media sector are held.

-In 2021, the corporate divisions were expanded to include the media sector, resulting in the GSB Media Division Among other things, the BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG (founded in 1998) , the Berliner Tageblatt (newspaper group founded in 1872 WIKI-Berliner Tageblatt) and, sincethen, the Deutsche Tageszeitung (first founded in 1894 as German news paper group, Deutsche Tageszeitung) have been affiliated. Through long-standing media partnerships with news agencies such as AFP (Agence France Press), AP (Associated Press), TASS and XINHUA, news is published around the clock in six languages.

-Other Group areas are the management of licences, development of technologies, especially in the blockchain sector, and participations in companes at national and international level.


For over 20 years succesfully active in segments:

  • Mining
  • Real estate development
  • Minerals, import and export
  • Vehicle leasing in the luxury goods sector Products
  • Luxury tourism, including aircraft and yachts
  • Corporate investments in various economic segments
  • Import and export of goods via own logistics structure
  • Rare metals, especially gold
  • Blockchain based technologies
  • Media group, three daily newspapers(Germany)
  • Real Estate, Real Estate Development Concepts
  • Investments in the fintech sector


Holder of technologies / patents of the following economic sectors:

  • GS Media, Newspaper Media Group
  • Telecommunications (GS Telecom)
  • GS Blockchain Mail
  • Automotive technology
  • Gold Standard Pay KB, Sweden